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Thread: A Three Minute Job!!

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    A Three Minute Job!!

    Last Friday I picked up a couple of 12" planks for loading my bike onto the trailer that I had bought back in June. A salesperson at the hardware store assembled for me a L bracket brace and bolts for one of the planks. When I got home, I discovered that both batteries for the drill were flat. Put one on the charger and got called away.

    Saturday morning, with the drill now operational, I drilled a couple of pilot holes for the two bolts securing the L bracket brace to the one board only to discover the chuck was stuck and the bit wouldn‘«÷t come out. Got the electric drill from the basement and finishing drilling the two holes.

    The bolts were too thick in diameter, although they were the right length.

    Returned to the hardware store and the kid that had given me everything replaced the two bolts.

    Got home to discover the bolts were the correct diameter, but were too short to attach a washer or nut. Before returning, thought that I might as well make the trip worthwhile and pickup some plumbing washers. The tap in the garage has had a minor drip for about a month so the decision was made to take it apart and check the washer size. I even turned the shut off valve off in the house. Guess the washer had not been replaced in years. While wrenching on the tap, the solder joint inside broke, showering ceiling tiles and carpet with water before the main intake could be shut off.

    Went across town to son #1 who had not returned my plumbing tools and to a plumbing store for a new outside tap assembly. While at son‘«÷s I borrowed his dehumidfer. Soldered the new pieces together, vacuumed up the water and set the dehumidfer to work.

    Returned to hardware store to pickup right sized bolts. The bolts were installed on Sunday morning.

    Today I will pickup a package of ceiling tiles to replace the damaged ones.

    A three minute job. Talk about a comedy of errors. Fortunately I was able to see the humour as these events unfolded.
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    I've had days like that...

    Glad it all worked out in the end.
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    i definetly mis-read the title the first time

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    I always allow about a two hour time cushion for my 1 minute jobs and sometimes that is not enough time. The reasons for the extra time is, my two grown sons are starting to accumulate their own tools for their households.

    I have noticed that as their inventory of tools grows mine seems to be shrinking even though I buy them tools for their birthdays, xmas, ect.

    So, when I see a tool at their house, I say, I used to have one just like that! to which they usually reply, "Go ahead and take it Dad, and keep it at your house. I know where it is, if I need it.

    I have also renamed our local "Home Depot" to "3 Trips Depot" The first clerk sells you the universal "widget", guaranteed to fit. It don't. Take that back and the second clerk picks out the "Off Brand widget" guaranteed to fit. It don't. And the third trip I go pick out the "widget" I needed in the first place.


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    I'm totally exhausted after reading that....I need a beer and a nap.

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    I do residential remodeloing for a living and I can tell you it never goes as fast as you think, never. The nice thing about doing it for a living is I can always use the excuse at home that "all my tools are at the shop".

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