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Thread: Your Favorite Eastern Wisconsin Restaurant?

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    At the Slimey Crud Run, someone was talking about a new place called IIRC, Quick Lube that had race cars on the ceiling and supposedly good food?

    Locals can correct me on the name and quality of food as appropriate.
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    Maybe, I am set in my ways. But, I love Mader's in Milwaukee. Can't wait for Sunday brunch!

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    Sirloin tips

    Whenever we go to Elkhart Lake we always hit Schwartz Supper Club in St Anne. It's about 10 miles north of Elkhart Lake in the middle of nowhere. The Sirloin tips are excellent.

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    I live very close to Holy Hill church and if you are looking for a small quiet place with a very warm feel to it with absolutely incredible food you must try The Alpine Retreat. From seafood to great steaks you can not go wrong with anything on the menu! The chef keeps the menu small due to only serving whats in season. The resturant is fairly small so make reservations ahead of time. This is just east of the Holy Hill church.
    Here is a local write up along with the contact info

    If you're looking for a fantastic fish fry (and MJ Stevens is all packed up) goto Johnny Manhatan's in Hubertus. Only about a 10 or 15 minute ride from the fair grounds.

    Here is a small write up...

    Johnny Manhattan's
    The fish fry ($8.95) is fish fry in the traditional Wisconsin sense: all-you-can-eat fried cod with the classic accompaniments. The curtain opened with fresh mayo-based coleslaw and pasta salad with tuna, red onion and celery. Then warm, moist rye bread. The fish came with choice of fries; sugar-dashed potato pancakes with applesauce; or warm German potato salad. The fish made a bee-line from the oil to our table courtesy of our outgoing, accommodating server. The flaky, mild cod was coated in a tasty batter that kept its crunch straight through to the moist fish. Our conversation tapered to monosyllables of agreement as we worked through our (second) plates. Note: JM's popularity had our party of three spending close to an hour at the bar (reservations accepted for eight or more). Fri 4-10 p.m. 3718 Hubertus Rd., Hubertus, 262-628-7700.

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    Horse & Plow at the American Club in Kohler


    J.J.'s & La Puerta Restaurant in Sister Bay
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    Wenever I'm in Milwaukee (or close) Mader's it is....8:00 reservation on Saturday PM

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    Lets bump this back to the top.

    Any more last minute suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gsmetal View Post
    Look no further than Mr. B's Steak House in Brookfield ( Even though it's fine dining, my guess is that they wouldn't bat an eye if you should up in your riding gear (coat and tie NOT required.)
    - you won't leave Mr. B's dissappointed.
    +1 Mr. B's rules

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    My favorite:

    Crawdaddy's Cajun & Creole
    6414 W Greenfield Ave
    Milwaukee, WI 53214
    (414) 778-2228

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    Fox Valley, WI
    Trattoria Stefano
    522 Eighth Street
    Sheboygan, WI 53082

    728 E Brady St
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    (414) 271-6000

    The King and I
    823 N 2nd St
    Milwaukee, WI 53203
    (414) 276-4181

    1117 S 108th St
    Milwaukee, WI 53214
    (414) 777-1600

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiverRat280 View Post
    Everyone that goes to Wisconsin for the first time has to stop at Culvers for a quick eat, get the burger and a malt. Just a fast food joint but its how WI does it and damn I miss it.
    Oh, please! Culvers is to burgers & malts what "Taco Hell" is to real Mexican food . Having lived in south-east Wisconsin for 52 years, I have to say that if you're into serious burgers & malts, as well as the absolute best frozen custard on the planet, you'll have to go to Kopp's Frozen Custard in Milwaukee (three locations...check their website at ). BMW owners are all about premium quality, right? I know I am. I used to live pretty close to a Culvers and would still drive over 30 miles to Kopp's for my comfort food .

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