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Thread: Gerbing Dealers

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    Quote Originally Posted by xsPain
    I called my local Gerbing rep, asking if they had everything is stock, sonce I wanted to just walk in and buy it (Impatient. I wanted to make usre the stuff was wanted I would need my my bike with the connectors and what not. And it was getting cold). They said they had it all. Different sizes. Come on in. So I did.

    They had jacket liners in all sizes. 3 pairs of pants liners, in very strange sizes. No dual controllers. Only xxxl gloves.

    When I asked they just said they would order what I wanted. Whe I remarked on the phone call all I got was a shrug. They are the only dealer in the area.

    Unless you count the H-D dealers, who have everything in stock, right on the shelves. More expensive than the other dealer, but still cheaper than online. And I do have an extra MOA patch.
    Part of this is that it's that time of the year. My BMW dealer had everything in stock a week ago. Ran out of a lot and reordered last weekend. Can get it from the west coast in three days.
    Maybe the HD riders don't need much heated clothing.
    Is the stuff Gerbing makes for HD the same stuff...sizes and all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by cjack
    Is the stuff Gerbing makes for HD the same stuff...sizes and all?
    Yes. I went to a BMW dealer in Seattle and bought a pair of the gloves there. No one mentioned that I MIGHT want a controller or an on/off switch. Burned my hands on the way home.

    I happened to be at the HD shop, which is two blocks from where I work. They had all different sizes of jacket and pant liners AND they gave me a 20% discount on two sets along with two dual controllers. (BMW wouldn't budge on the price) The jackets and pants also came with on/off switches. And they didn't charge me for the BMW style adapter either. The only difference between the HD version and the plain vanilla Gerbing version is the HD has three or four HD labels on them and the jacket pockets zip up. The standard Gerbing pockets don't. The little leather pouch for the controller has an HD clasp on it, which you can't remove unless you want to replace the whole magnetic clasp button.

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