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Thread: Experience with Airhawk seat cushion?

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    Experience with Airhawk seat cushion?

    Anyone have any experience with the Airhawk inflatable seat cushion? I'm tired of spending hundreds of $$ to modify seats, which sometimes doesn't help, and which you lose when you sell the bike. Seems like I could use the Airhawk on both of my bikes (R1100R and SV650S), and transfer it to future bikes. If it adds to legroom, that's all the better for me. Do they stay put or tend to slide around? Do they help prevent sliding forward on the seat? Do they make it difficult to hang off? Are the small or medium sizes uselessly small? Thanks

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    I have one I use on my new GS's Sargent seat. I tie it down with a bungee cord. For the money its okay and will buy you a few hours each day. Best is a Mayer brothers seat or a Russell. Then the Air Hawk is surplus luggage.
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    Adding an Airhawk over my stock R1200RT pushed seat discomfort to 4rth or 5th on the list of limiting factors. This September rode 4200 miles in 9 days. The only issue is rain. Best to just put it in the hard case.

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    Talking Airhawk seat cushion

    I just bought my first Airhawk on eBay (small cruiser size) for $66 and it's a huge improvement. I had read that it should only be inflated enough to get your butt off the seat, and that part is definitely true. Mine is in an almost new condition, so the material on the bottom keeps it from sliding around on the seat. I haven't ridden it in rain or for more than a couple hundred miles so far, but I feel that it should add a pretty fair amount of comfort to my next trip. Recommended -

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    I just got one and wish I had bought one sooner . After 'custom' seats, I think for the $$ it is the best deal around. I am not knocking the custom seat jobs as each of us has a different butt configuration, but why spend $800 if an Airhawk will do the same job?? (at least for me) YMMV.

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    I have a butt buffer and it great check there site at butt

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    I bought an Airhawk for me and my wife, works great. Just inflate it enough to keep your butt of the seat, don't overinflate it. It doesn't move around at all but I went to an upolsterer and had him sew on some straps with velcro so I can attach it so I don't worry about it flying off when I stand on the pegs. I had a sheepskin pad before and when I use the airhawk with the sheepskin over it I can ride till I'm too tired instead of when my butt is sore. If you can find a seat that works well then they're great but I don't want to spend big $$ on a Sargent seat to find I'm a Corbin butt, what works for someone doesn't for another and thats an expensive experiment.

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    Mine transformed the seat on an old K100 into a pleasant experience, but turned the horrid stock seat on an R100R into an even worse experience. I got a Rick Mayer and sold the Airhawk.
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    Had an Airhawk - Now have a sheepskin from Alaska Leather it works for me on the stock seat, I don't feel the need for a custom seat.

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    Since getting my R1200RT I've done all three, airhawk, alaska leather & custom seat. I'm fat and old so the airhawk didn't do much for me. I just gave it to a friend who just started riding and he loves it. The sheepskin cruiser pad from Alaska Leather did pretty good but only for mis-range rides. I finally got the custom seat Don Weber in Albany, OR for just $400 and am in hog heaven. He uses the original material ans sews extensions you can't even see. It takes about 5 hours as you sit and watch him build it. Great job and great seat.

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    You will find the full spectrum of reponses on this topic! I got an Airhawk to try and was not at all happy with it. No one elses comments will help you here... you will just have to try it for yourself. It will definitely raise you off the seat at least .5" I have friends who bought two and three (so they wouldn't have to move it between bikes). I bought one, tried it, and it sits in a drawer, unused. I found a beaded seat cushion works best for me... I bought a $7 (for two!) cushion from an auto parts place and trimmed, then re-tyed it to custom fit my bike. It takes time, but it's lasted 2 riding seasons now but is finally falling apart (time to dig out the second one of the pair and modify it).

    I find it interesting on their site, that the truck driver models are only $89 while the motorcycle ones are $189: Part of it is shape difference (the other is the cover with the tie-down loops), butt the large tourer pad is identical to the truck pad, at $100 more!

    Anyone want mine? $75 and it's yours... plus shipping... I forget what model I have, I can check when I get home... hit me off-line. Didn't mean to turn this into an ad, but it is just sitting there doing nothing and taking up valuable real estate in a drawer...
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    I bought the Airhawk for my R1200RT. I could never get the amount of air in it
    just right. Too much and you shift back and forward in the seat with throttle and brake. Too little and it didn't seem to help. I feel detached from the seat
    using the airhawk. Having said that, on a long trip I might take it along and put it on later in the day to try something different.

    I recommend finding someone who has one and trying it out for yourself before spending your money.

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    Just like everyone's butt is different, so is the opinion on the Airhawk. I would say try it. I personally did not like it, but the person I sold it to, loves it.

    I will tell you that stapling it to the seat to keep it in place is not a good idea .

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    Thanks to all who responded , lots of helpful info to consider.

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