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Thread: Arizona, Alamo Lake, Co. River, Oatman

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    Thumbs up Arizona, Alamo Lake, Co. River, Oatman

    Good for all type of bikes but skip the Alamo Lake portion if sand is a four letter word. The rest is pavement.

    Here is a good winter ride if your travels take you to Arizona. I left Phoenix and headed for Alamo Lake only because I had never been there before. If you don't have knobbies, skip this part and just head for Parker, Az. Go north (see map) until you get to the section of old Route 66 which will take you to Oatman.

    Oatman is a curious little out of the way place on a section of Old Route 66. It is all but forgotten since it is not really on the way to anywhere (anymore). The story goes that Clark Gable used to come here to play cards with the miners when he wanted a little "away" time.

    There is little traffic and you sport bike guys are going to love it. RT's and Lt's continue on to Kingman which is your excuse to continue to Las Vegas. Adventure Bikers look for the dirt road out of Oatman back to the Colorado river. Let me know how that goes because I didn't know about it until I got home.

    Here is where to go for the video (you will need a fast connection):
    click on the Oatman Albumn
    No registration or anything, it should just show the video
    (I finally figured out how to upload the videos correctly so if you treid and it said "unavaliable" give it another shot, it should work now)

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