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Thread: Coffee + Riding = Cup Holder?

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    I use a 2x2 cardboard cup holder in the bottom of my left side bag. The cup snaps firmly into place in one of the drink pockets, and the cardboard holder (FREE with purchase!!) is only slightly compressed by the lid into the back of the case.

    Panera Bread Co. is about 1.5 miles from work. I usually sip of about 1" from the full cup while enjoying a breakfast bagel. No spillage inside the case - and no wind siphoning problems either.


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    Canadian Rant


    Quote Originally Posted by griffin738
    but i do appreciate a good rant!!
    If you have never seen the Molson's Canadian rant, you might enjoy it.
    The irony was in the polite Canadian "thank you" at the end. The irony now is that since the ad, Coors bought out Molsons, so now you have Tim Hortons, Laura Secord and (shudder, tell me it isn't true) are trying to take over The Hudson's Bay Company


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    I like the RAM Mounts for such add-ons due to the versatility. If you scroll down at the link you can see their basic handlebar mount. The various plates and other things that can be attached will handle about anything.

    I use one for the drink holder on the SE. For some reason I cannot upload a photo this morning, but I'll drop you a picture via e-mail. If I can locate the drink holder attachment online I'll come back and add it to my post.

    Maybe this will work.

    I guess not. The photo wouldn't upload and the link wouldn't work, either...

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    Cup Holder

    I have one on my LT. I wasn't too happy at paying $100 or so dollars for a plastic thing that attatches to my handle bars but I got too tell you I love it. Use it all the time for coffee and water.

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