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Thread: Ortlieb DryBag Saddlebags

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    Ortlieb DryBag Saddlebags

    I have found a few threads here related to the Ortlieb bags, but none specifically address the saddlebags.

    I'm looking for some bags for my Rockster. The BMW System Cases, and the various aluminum panniers all look ok, but I don't think they look right on a Rockster. Plus I got a little sticker shock when I saw some of the prices.

    I thought either of these might fit. I do not do a lot of touring, but would like something for commuting and occasional weekend trips. Anyone have any experience with either of these or a similiar product? Anyone have them on an R1150R w/ pics? Pros/Cons?


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    I think I've got the wider ones. I've used them on my R80G/S a few times and like them. They're good quality and look good too - sort of a different european kind of look - not like american iron at all! I think I did a six hundred mile, three-day trip on the 90S also and they worked well there as well.

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    In addition to being waterproof, they are very flexible in the way they mount. I have a set that I have "dry mounted" to a Moto Guzzi, a Duc 750SS, a 650 Cagiva Elefant and an F650. The bags served my s.o. quite well on a 3500 mile tour last May/June on her Duc 750SS. (Go ahead and tell her, "You can't TOUR on a Ducati." Her 750SS is approaching 100k miles.) There is no discernable wear to the bags. I would buy this product again.
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    Great!! Thanks for the info.

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    A little late, but I'm new here........

    We have two sets of the larger size dry bags. I LOVE them! So far, I've only used them on my Shadow, Rebel and Triumph. They've got about 20K miles on them and still look new. I do grocery shopping with them, I've taken shrubberies home from Home Depot with them (that got some looks), and they'll hold a 100ft 'reel' of garden hose on one side and three gallons of milk on the other and still have room to spare. You don't have to carry rain covers, you can hose them down and the inside stays dry. Reflective patch on the back is nice, wish it was a bit bigger. Can't say enough good things about them, Ortileb has some wonderful stuff.
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