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Thread: Winter Gloves?

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    There is a guy over on the LT website who sells gloves with thin palms for those of us with heated grips. Don't remember his name, but he is located in Bozeman Mt.. Just post a query on the site, and sure you will find him.

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    Try thinner gloves under Toasty Muffs, the modern equivalent of Hippo Hands. I have not tried these but they sound good, since by blocking the airflow around the glove they eliminate much opportunity for wind-chill, making grip heat or thick gloves (whichever you use) much more effective.

    For those who don't mind a bulky glove, I've been pretty pleased with the Tour Master Cold Front. TM also makes some silk liners which are wispy thin but add a really noticeable amount of warmness to any glove.
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    Bawdy Monk

    Dainese Panther Goretex Gloves

    100% waterproof, warm, & well armoured, I only bought them as I couldn't get the BMW's in my size but I'm so pleased I did... I've been above the snowline at 6000 feet, without heated grips, no problem!
    Not cheap but worth every cent I paid

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    Add my name to Eric Blume's list. I'm very happy with the BMW Comfort Temp gloves. Used them today/tonight. Temps in the 20s. Theyah wicked wahm.
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    Yes the Comfortemp is good!

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    Waitin on a set of these

    I finally ordered a set of these I'll let ya know how they work out.

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    first gear voyager

    Just got a a pair of these last week. They're a little
    bulky but I'm hoping they will loosen up. Haven't
    tested claimed waterproofness but rode
    today with temps ~40 F on a k100 w/o
    heated grips and hands were OK, a little
    chilly but not near as bad the old gloves

    about $45 here

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    Cycloak Closeout

    I just purchased a pair of their Gloves from "Motorcycle Closeouts". I have a pair of First Gear summer mesh gloves I bought that are great for summer, but I needed something for the rain and cold. These GT Pro gloves are great quality. There Gore-Tex lined, Kevlar Reinforced Cordura, leather(brushed), with rubberized finger tips, and thier lined with Thinsulate. Velcroe wrist strap and a decent sized over cuff. I've tried a lot of simmilar gloves, but I'm glad I prosrastinated because these are $80-$100 gloves that I paid $35 w/ shipping !!! The only thing is their Large were snug on me, so if you have long fingers they might not fit you. (Thats the only size they have) Luckily mine fit me perfectly.

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    Moving from AZ to MI, I decided on Marsee Gloves. They work well year round, and the warmth from the heated grips is felt. They're also waterproof. One pair for all year.

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    I have a couple of pair hein gericke concords (which have done well for me for many yrs,...but then bought a pair of Motoport polar AX .......these are great gloves!!!! Very impressed!!!

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    Marty, I live and ride in the Eastern Sierra, and have tried many combinations of gloves and mitts over the years. Gloves need to be Goretex or some other windproof, breathable fabric. As much insulation as you can get. Heavy mountaineering ski gloves and quality snowmobile gloves work. But they should be articulated designs so they bend easily. A wind break in front of your hands makes a critical difference in core temp. Below about 20 degrees, though, only a heavy, multilayered mitton set up will keep you warm. I have new heated hand grips and don't think much of them. Warm palms and cold fingers and thumb. Good luck.

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