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Thread: Running Y-pipe and stock exhaust on 1150GS

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    Question Running Y-pipe and stock exhaust on 1150GS

    Does anybody have any experience with this combo?
    Is/are there any reasons not to?I'm all for the pluses for the Y,but haven't heard the downside,if any,for that combo.

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    I did that mod and like the results. It feels like the bike has a little more low end grunt. The big plus is getting rid of the weight and the tranny cooker(heat) .Other than that the engine runs fine on all kinds of grades of gas.YMMV

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    The former owner of my '01GS installed a Remus Y pipe. It sounds a little more throaty than stock and has run just fine. I have never run it without this Y pipe /stock muffler set up. I've ridden it 50K and have no complaints. For what its worth, several mechanics have said it's a very strong running GS.
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    I have the Remus Y pipe and stock muffler for about 12K mils now, the biggest change for me was the tranny seems to shift a little smoother when hot than it did with the cat on it, and I credit the lower heat exposure to it for that...of course that may just be me trying to reason the purchase

    Overall no problems, gas mileage may have been affected slightly but no hard data that I cared to gather. I ike the sound, a little more bass to it, and the low-end torque seems to have improved but again, without putting it on a dyno I cannot swear to it. The bottom line though is that I like the sound and the improved appearance. On a GS there are enough square

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    Remus Y with Titanium can works great

    I have not tried the Y pipe with the stock can but I can tell you that the Y pipe together with the Remus Titanium can is a great combo. The weight savings are significant and the sound is a bit thoatier. Perhaps it is just the sound but it feels like the bike is faster and the hadling is improved due to the weight loss.

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