New BMWMOA, not completely... But just wanted to add my comments to Vince W. and Co. instead of writing a letter directly. Much Pos+ and Neg- (just like the teminal on a battery post) has been said in light of recent changes. My .02 worth, as long time rider and owner of several types of bikes and memership is several organizations riding related... Keep up the good work. The addition of contributions from a younger class of rider is great, and I must added I'm almost old enough to be one the parents of some of the older teens and early 20's riders. I hope my daughter expresses an insterest in motorcycles some day. BMW's are expensive, it took several years of professional establishment until I was able to spend the money required for a new model year ride. We and BMW must do what ever it takes to make the sport and hobby available to the next generation. Twenty plus year old airheads and 2005 + R's and K's at $15,000+ are going to be a difficult sell to a younger person with money to spend on a "cool" bike. Again, keep up the good work, I like what I see and hopefully BMW of NA will smell the rubber burning off the back tires of it's competition and earn the business of what I was well over 25 years ago.