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Thread: Oegon Aero M/C Seats

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    Question Oegon Aero M/C Seats

    Hello all,

    Anybody have any experience, heard any gossip, etc. about Oregon Aero motorcycle seats?

    They apparantly have been in the seat cushion business for airplane seats for many years. The company now offers seat rebuilding for bikes with custom foam.

    I'm interested but would like some background or suggestions.

    Thanks, mike

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    If it's the same as the helmet pads and humvee seats, they'll be great.

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    oregon aero

    cannot say anything about their motorcycle seats, but had them in my last plane and they were great......well made and highly recommended in that community......

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    Their aircraft seats are first rate. No problems there. Can't say anything about their motorcycle seats but would be interested in learning more.

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