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Thread: Going to Florida, any suggestions?

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    Question Going to Florida, any suggestions?

    Lucky me, another trip!
    Last month I took a 4500 mile trip, came home and left the next day to work on tour. It was sad to park my bike, with the weather changing in Chicago to winter. I didn't think I'd get any more trips in this year.
    Well, I'm a freelance so my schedule changes often, and it seems that it's changed in my favor for a change.
    I've been on the road working for 2 weeks now and am flying home on Tuesday evening. I have another gig (plane ticket has already been purchased by my client, oh well ) to be at by Thursday night in Orlando.
    So I'm going to ride on down (1150 miles) to Orlando, work until the 25th, then I have no commitments for 7-10 days or so. Seems like a no-brainer to go to me!
    I figure I'll head down to Key West at the beginning, then wander north up the coast.
    I will be looking to camp, maybe a little fishing, and am open for any suggestions since I've never wandered the South-East corner of our country before.
    I also will need to service my bike in Florida, possibly new tires too. Any dealer recommendations ?


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