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Thread: RS54 information

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    RS54 information

    Just got an interesting mail from one Tom Bridgers.
    Seems he is the proud owner of one of the hand-built by Heinrich "Henry" Dirrigl DOHC RS 54 replica boxer engines - only two of these were made.

    He is looking for information about the FRAME/CHASSIS that the RS54 was equipped and raced with from the Factory. My research has not found any images of the RS54 with tank and seat removed to "understand" the construction of the frame, let alone any of the dimensions.
    If anyone would have such an image, or information regarding specifics, dimensions, or construction of this frame, factory drawings,
    or any sources or leads to find such information, please contact me.
    thanks in advance.


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    Rs 54

    In the French magazine BoxRMag No 12 Sept-Oct 06 there is a full article of 8 pages on the RS 54 history and evolution through years along with close pictures. Depending where you are located you might be able to locate a copy of the mag.

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    Interesting. I'm in the Detroit Mi.
    Close to Canada - but a long way from Montreal - and access to "BoxRMag No 12 Sept-Oct 06".

    Google search for "BoxRMag" and "BoxRMag No 12 Sept-Oct 06 No 12 Sept-Oct 06" gives me nada.

    any info you could pass on about the magazine could be helpful.

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    Possibly there is another approach to take to your search. Find a scale mode.

    More images are available here.

    These are pictures of a model found on the Kimshouse website. Trouble is its in Japanese.

    It is a 1/9 model made by Protar SNC Model Co. I could not find a model that was available. I did find Phoenix-Model. They deal in Protar models and may be able to help you locate one.

    I also found this contact information for the company in Italy. They may be willing to help.

    Good luck this looks very interesting.
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