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Thread: Smashed my Right Side mirror works.

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    Smashed my Right Side mirror works.

    Yesterday I was forced off the road, spiked the tire with a nail and dumped the bike on its right side. The biggest issue is that I have to replace the right side mirror assembly. Do they sell whole replacements, in mathcing colors? I have a 99RT in the Dark Grey........

    I want to thank again the fellow rider on a 1150R who help me with the flat and traffic cop. Great guy.

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    Side mirror

    Someone hit my '00 R1100RT in the parking lot and slightly damaged the right mirror assembly. It did >$1000 damage to his truck. The mirror ass'y came complete from the dealer, painted and all, for about 200 and something. The guy paid for it so I don't remember the exact figure. I just remember him bitching and moaning about it!


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