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Thread: Tall riding jacket

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    Tall riding jacket

    At 6'4" I'm looking for riding gear in tall sizes. I'm not quite big enough around to simply opt for XL or XXL. Anybody had any luck finding good gear to fit?

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    Some of the BMW suits are available in tall sizes. I just got myself a StreetGuard 2 suit this year and had to opt for the tall sized pants to get them long enough. The regular jacket was a better fit for me though since my issue is just being long in the legs not overall height.
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    Joe Rocket Balistic is available in a Tall, but only in black. I have had two over the years.

    While I do partake in the X's, I need a tall for the sleeve length. I find the sleeves a bit long just walking around but when I am seated in riding position on the bike they are perfect.

    The first jacket, may it rest in piece, did a very good job of protecting my body during an accident. While it wore through no road rash in any area normally covered by the jacket.

    Both have been very good in the rain. They are not rain proof but very resistant.

    I give the venting on the current model a C+.

    Plenty of pockets though the first jacket had a "game bag" sort of pouch on the lower back that I found myself using all the time. They keep updating it so I do not know what is up with the current version.

    Do not overlook up sizing any jacket even in a tall model. The Rocket has a removable liner that helps with warmth. But on extended trips I find myself layering and unlayering cloths during the day. The extra room is nice. Keep it in moderation so that the protective value of the jacket is not compromised.

    Good luck. Tall items are out there.
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    First Gear makes riding gear in tall sizes. I have the Kilimanjaro jacket, and a mesh jacket, both in tall sizes. They make good stuff.

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    I had the same problem too. I am 6'2" and had to opt for a size or two larger just to get the sleeve length. It felt like I was wearing someone elses clothes and I had this nagging fear in the back of my head that if I were to crash none of the armor would be in the right place (because the jacket was so loose) to protect me.
    i've noticed that some of the companies that do make tall jackets only make them in black.
    I ended up just spending the money and buying a roadcrafter jacket from Aerostich. I called them up, told them how tall I was, gave them my measurements, etc. They built a jacket just for me! Expensive, yes, but the the thing fits like a glove and I even like the color.

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    I think girth matters more than height. I'm 6'4"/225 and I've had very few problems finding jackets that fit.
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