i was inspired by boxergirlie and her birthday ride. so when i had to register my bike in texas,(i have a house in texas and a condo in l.a. because of work),i thought i might give it a try. i got Rick Monohan from black kat motorwerks to give my bike the once over before my ride. he also verified the leave time. i packed my backpack bungee corded it to the tank and left at 5:15am. i rode at 75mph or 5000rpm the whole way. i took it pretty easy with an hour lunch and dinner break. i stretched out at the fuel stops also checking the oil,(Rick stressed very important for an old history fairly unknown bike). i took I10 the whole way because speed and ease. the sunsets and sunrises were beautiful. i'm glad i read the hot iron butt thread before my attempt, great tips. i finally arrived at a small town about 100 miles east of Van Horn Texas, i beleive it's called Balmorhea,at 3:15. 22 hours with 2 lost hours do to time change and 2 hours in meal breaks that's not great but not too bad either considering my jaw wasn't clenched shut and my body wasn't shaking from pushing too hard like i sometimes do when driving a car. nonetheless i feel pretty good about it and would like too maybe try a bunburner.