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Thread: Montana windsheild

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    Montana windsheild

    The wife and I recently purchased a pair of R-1200CM's equipped with the Montana windsheild. The problem is wind buffeting. I am somewhat taller than the "Little Woman ", but the buffeting and wind noise are about the same. The wind seems to be drawn down from the top of my helmet, shutting my visor. Has any one tried the BMW "Touring Windsheild" (it is shaped somewhat different than the Montana's) or any of the aftermarket?

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    Kasey, the regular BMW windshields are more egg-shaped and don't provide as much coverage across the top of the windshield. You may also find that the buffetting is coming from around the edges of the tank front; I think this is due to how the design tries to push as much air as possible through the oil cooler vents to each side of the tank.

    The R1200C forum at has a Tech section and a Product Info section with windshield topics. The aftermarket options and the modifications that people have made are interesting to read. There is a For Sale section, too, where you may find a used Aeroflow or other aftermarket shield.

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