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Thread: boots

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    I have the Combat Tourers from Aerostitch made by Sidi. Very comfortable boot right from the start, and when treated as recommended, for all practical purposes waterproof. Don't ride everyday, but 10K this year so far, and the boots aren't really broken in yet. About $250 if I remember correctly, but think they are well worth it.

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    The booties

    I personally like the Daytona Gortex. Easy to walk in, adjustable calves, (important if you work out or are shaped differently than an average bear)

    They zip up with two zippers.
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    Post boots

    I use Sidi Street boots. I've had them about three months and through several rain storms...last Sunday drove 436 miles mostly in drizzle and rain and my feet stayed dry. Cost approx. $200.00
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    I bought a pair of Joe Rocket waterproof boots at BMW in Daytona at the spring rally ~ dear God did it rain, anyway they work very well and are comfy enough to walk around in.

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    I've been wearing Cruiserworks = boots for weveral yatrs now. They fit well, are comfortable for riding and walking, are waterproof and offer pretty good protection. The boots come in several sytyles and some of them are avaliable in narrow widths.

    My favorite riding boots were a pair of Justin "motorcyle" boots. They were very comfortable but, were not waterproof and didn't provide much protection other than the leather they were made of. I wish Justin would make a "real " motorycyle boot.

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