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Thread: Kilimanjaro purchase, Black and yellow or black and grey?

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    Having just bought the kili 4.0 a few weeks back in yellow/black and put on about 1500 miles wearing it, I would say go with the yellow. Not even for safety reasons, I think it actually looks good, which is why I bought it over a 'stich. And to folks that think it fades/stains...have you seen the nasty looking 'stichs some people wear? Battle scars of the road I is not the same as buying dark underwear

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    I have a yellow and black one. It faded badly right off the bat. I was told that I should have sprayed a UV-blocking coating on it. Too late now. Also, the dirt and bug splats don't wash out. I think it's best to get a dark color jacket and wear a Conspicuity vest or one similar. The vest is reflective at night and the jacket isn't, no matter the color.
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