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Thread: Kilimanjaro purchase, Black and yellow or black and grey?

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    Question Kilimanjaro purchase, Black and yellow or black and grey?

    Ok, I've been looking at buying a new jacket and I decided on the First Gear Kilimanjaro 4.0. I love the look of the black and grey, it's got plenty of reflective material so at night it will be very noticible and I've got plenty of lights on the bike.... But...., the yellow and black is also far more noticible during the day. Which to buy? I'm making the purchase tonight so feedback is greatly appreciated. Does the bright yellow make that big a difference? Thanks....
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    The bright yellow is harder to keep clean. Just my .02 cents worth.

    I have on of each.

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    SAfety First

    Go with the yellow.


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    get the one you like the look of best..

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    I agree with Handlebar. Go with what looks good on you. I was looking at the grey & black myself. Now if I only had the coin to buy another jacket
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    So which one did you get? I hope you got the one you like which ever color it is.

    (You can always wear a safety/reflective vest/belt when you need to)
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    I know that the yellow and other bright colors are coming out more and more. But after months of use they get dingy, dirty and grimy looking. I would opt with the grey or black model. I have a blue jacket and it shows dirt enough... If you want more visibility get a reflective vest or plan on washing more and more... Unless you like the "well used" look...
    Your call...
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    Having just bought the kili 4.0 a few weeks back in yellow/black and put on about 1500 miles wearing it, I would say go with the yellow. Not even for safety reasons, I think it actually looks good, which is why I bought it over a 'stich. And to folks that think it fades/stains...have you seen the nasty looking 'stichs some people wear? Battle scars of the road I is not the same as buying dark underwear

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