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Thread: R1200RT seat Wunderlich

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    R1200RT seat Wunderlich

    I continue to research seats and just this week I discover one brand that I did not know made seats. Page 216 in their new catalog shows a R1200rt seat and it is close to the same price as others I have reviewed. Anyone out there with Wunderlich seat experience?

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    re - R1200RT Wunderlich seats


    I talked to the parts guys at Santa Cruz BMW a couple of months ago about those seats and at that time Wunderlich was looking for a new vendor. This was due to the fact that the company making the seats was a small mom and pop organization and could not keep up with demand. I saw them in the catalog also and they look like the same seats to me. They did say that people seemed to think they made a real difference in comfort compared to the stock seats.


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