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Thread: Green Mountain Rally

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    Green Mountain Rally

    The Green Mountain Rally was held this past weekend 9/15 - 9/17.

    Click here to visit the rally in Ripton, Vermont

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    Glad to see pics, as I had preregistered and then was unable to attend.
    I could have SWORN Fred took his camera, but these are the first pics I've seen.

    The red hack and red Ducati are Hannu, Leslie, and Tahvo Korhonen from Maine.

    The Green Mtn is always one of the highlights of my rally season!
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    cool pics

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    A few photos from my trip.

    First stop is Max BMW in NY, when your dealer is 75 miles away, you stop in when you are in the neighborhood for little things like gaskets etc.

    I like the rider in the mirror shots you see, so I gave it a try.

    I think round mirrors provide a sexier photo, and you definitely want to clean your mirror and face shield!

    The roads in Vermont are generally pretty bumpy, but once you get used to being bounced around a bit you can really enjoy yourself. Being able to pass legally on double yellow lines is a godsend. It is frustrating for me to be stuck behind slower moving traffic, when there is no one ahead of me the road is mine.

    Here is a power plant, situated on a waterfall, that apparently produces power by burning diesel.

    I headed up to Smugglers Notch, which I had missed while at the National.

    I figured as long as I was heading north, I would make a quick stop in Quebec.

    On the way back to the rally site I stopped at a roadside stand for a drink.

    It looks like this bridge should be re-named as it is partially under water.

    Here's a shot from the awards ceremony Saturday Night.

    Saw some old friends, made some new ones, ate a lot of food. Overall it was a great weekend!
    ride what you've got; enjoy the ride!

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    I forgot to mention. The BMW MOV have a great sense of humor!

    ride what you've got; enjoy the ride!

    Turbo Fluffy Motoclub - IBA 50182 - BMW MOA 69187

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