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Thread: Helmet Choice

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    I and my son have a Icon helmet which was $190.00. It fits well and we are very happy with the helmet. You may want to look at Icon next time.

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    Make sure it fits

    I have a Nolan N100 - fits round heads -
    has anyone tried a ROOF helmet? Look cool but no nothing about them.

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    An expensive helmet is still cheaper than a ride in an ambulance.

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    Shoei X-11

    Purchased and X-11 a couple of months ago. came out of a Shoei TZ-1, tried on a bunch of flip ups arai etc. but my head fits a Shoei the best wear them for hours at a time. longest wear time ~12 hour day about 7K total mileage in helmet.

    X -11 pros

    light weight
    removable liner
    chin curtain, breath guard standard
    excellent venting -
    venting clears sheild fog well
    has air flow lip on back which provides noticable stability in cross winds etc.
    fit and finnish excellent

    X-11 cons

    this helmet is LOUD, wear ear plugs at all times and it's not a problem.
    I was unable to get my helmet speakers to fit in well, so I don't use them.

    silver, paid 430.00 from local accessory shop, I'd buy another one.

    hope this helps..

    2003 K12RS

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    arai with right fit

    Best thing I did was have the Arai guy at the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show that travels around the country during the winter mearsure me up for the right helmet fit and shape. I think Arai has 3 different shapes. He said most times poeple buy helmets that are one size to big and after break in it does not fit or protect like the helmet should. The Signet [ long ovel shape] he fit me for is perfect though felt a snug at first. I have looked at the Nolan 1002 but does not feel like Arai. Probably get a new Arai Profile for my next lid next spring.

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    I was rear-ended by a 3/4 ton Ford Pickup at 60 MPH last Thursday while riding my F650ST. Flipped over the windscreen, landed on my noggin and rag-doll bounced and slid down the highway quite a ways before grinding to a stop. My Nolan 102 flip-up has a deep gouge and ancillary abrasions on the top, and my BMW Savannah jacket was slightly torn on the rear. I'm in pretty good shape given the impacts, with soreness, bruising, a little road-rash on my lower back: saved from the grim reaper by my equipment, especially the Nolan helmet. So now that's what I have'ta recommend: a little noisy, but strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daver90s
    I have a Nolan N100 - fits round heads -
    has anyone tried a ROOF helmet? Look cool but no nothing about them.
    I had a Roof Boxer this summer.
    Very cool to look at, but quite noisy.
    It was good for city riding, the flip back face shield was real cool, and did work well. It was well made, quality optics, just too loud for any touring. I also never wore it in the rain, I don't think it would be good though.
    I ended up selling it becasue I always wore my Shoei RF-1000.

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