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Thread: Helmet Choice

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    Thumbs up Helmet Choice

    I am a new member and have just purchased a R1200GS. I would like to purchase a full face helmet and would like some suggestions on what has worked well for the members on this forum. I am considering a Shark RSR2, an Arai Quantum and a Nolan 1002 modular. Since I need to wear glasses when I ride the Nolan modular design would be convienent but I'm concerned about the weight and possibility of higher noise level. The last full face helmet I owned was an Arai which I liked but that was back in the 80's.
    I know little about Shark but I understand this Helmet is excellent quality.
    Your input would be greatly appreciated.

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    Cool Helmet 'review'

    Quote Originally Posted by excursion
    I would like to purchase a full face helmet and would like some suggestions on what has worked well for the members on this forum. I am considering a Shark RSR2, an Arai Quantum and a Nolan 1002 modular.
    Aria is still the leader in helmets. I don't know personally, that's what I hear, I've never owned one. I've always been a Shoei person. I had a HJC, it broke on the way home, took it back and got a Shoei. Nolan is noisier, heavier, and the safety is questionable - the latch mechanism has been known to fail on older Nolan's during an accident (ask Vuk, he wanders around here). Again, I never owned it, I'm basing that upon all the feedback I've heard/read over the years.

    Recently I purchased a Scorpion helmet. In recent helmet reviews, it was rated #2 falling only a few points behind Aria. Their top model, the EXO700, with graphics is under $200. I have the EXO700, it is light, quiet, and provides the best cooling of any helmet I've ever worn. All their visors are fog free and less than $35 each.

    Complaints: 1) The visors are not optically perfect like Shoei's. When cracked open, I notice some distorition at the bottom of the visor as I'm looking through it. 2) The visor cannot be cracked open a hair for a little extra air flow on those humid/hot days. This could help alleviate problem #3 3) While the visors ARE fog free (and I mean TOTALLY fog free) they will build up moisture as water (not fog) on rainy days, then streaks will run down the visor causing distorition which, on a dark rainy night, can really interefere with vision. This may be exacerbated by the fact mine seems to leak a little at the top of the visor where the seal with the helmet is (my Shoei's have done this also, only worse - it would drip constantly when riding in the rain).

    Hope that helps! I have no association with helmet companies.
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    Try a bunch on first

    The only way to get a helmet you will be happy with is to look at your top choices and then try them on. Different brands fit different head shapes. I tried on at least 5 different brands and multiple models of each before choosing, I ended up with an Arai QuantumII It works for me but may not for you. So do what most men hate to do and shop, shop, shop around before you buy.

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    Helmet Choice

    I have been wearing Arai QUANTUM /F for about 6 year and tried the Nolans and did not like the fit. The Noland 102 was too tight front to back and the fit of X-1002 better but the lining rubbed my ears. I sent them both back. I ordered them on-line (Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse) and it cost me about $50.00 in shipping and restocking fees to send them back. MAW as the best prices if you know what you want. I found the 2/3 minute try-on is not enough time at the dealer showroom. See if they let you try one an hour or two ride.
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    I've used Arai for five years but this year tried a Caberg Solo it fitted just a tad tighter at first now it is fine. Quiet, well made and the flip down sun visor is wonderful! DOT and Euro approved. They also make a flip up that is highly thought of.

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    My daughter and I use the Nolan flip front because we both wear glasses. It has worked out well for us.

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    Fit is most important
    Noise is next
    "Safety" is pretty much a given with any full face helemt. in a recent massive test of nearly every manufacturer the cheaper helmets were just as safe as the top of the line ones

    i have an Icon, it is sorta somewhere between HJC and Nolan in price. i like it cause it fits my head well. I don't like it because it is kind of noisy. different helmets fit different heads. I found the Arai just would not work for me in any size.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaZanetti
    Fit is most important
    Noise is next
    "Safety" is pretty much a given with any full face helemt. in a recent massive test of nearly every manufacturer the cheaper helmets were just as safe as the top of the line ones.
    Bubba made a very important point! if a cheaper helmet fits better, buy it because you will wear it. Nothing worse than an expensive helmet sitting at home because it didn't fit right.

    I have heard some very good reports on the Vega Summit II XPV (flipup).

    I did a faceplant on my Schuberth C1, I am now using a Nolan X-Lite but I am actually considering the Vega.


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    I've always worn shoei's but this year I purchased a HJC Symax and like the flip up feature. I don't know if it is any quieter or noisier than my 10 yr old Shoei but it is a tad snug (maybe I should have gotten a bigger size) and I really like it.
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    I have Nolan flip-up and it is very noisy.
    My British co-worker, who lived in Germany for many years and motorcycle rider for very long time bough 12GS this summer and white Schuberth only because his BMW helmet from Germany is not DOT - approved (and BMW does not market their helmets in N.A.)
    In addition to lovest noise level and flip-up - it has small tinted retracktable screen for sun protection. That is another great feature vs. replacing visors between dark and transparent.
    In high noise-protecting helmet it will be hot in a summer - that's why it was white color choice for him. Plus - white helmet is the best to be visible on a road.
    So, I'm budgetting for my next helmet to be Schuberth.

    Perfect feet? Well it will develop itself sooner or later. At the end of the day - it is fom and other polyuritane stuff under hard shell. It will get around your head.

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    Arai Quantum /F

    I have used it for 2 1/2 years. Fit is great but the thing whistles when sitting straight up on a RT or GS. Just bought a HJC CL-SP. Quieter and hopefully will wear in to fit better.

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    Helmet choice

    Thank you all for your excellent input. I plan to go to my dealer tommorow and test ride the helmets you recommended. Thanks again for your responses.

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    My first Arai was a RX 7 which I used for 6 years. At the Charlston W.V. I was talked into a Arai Quantum because the RX 7 was getting to old and not safe any more??? Both are great helmets I do think the RX 7 was the best. In fact I still wear in hot weather it is white and much cooler than the darker helmet. Arai's changeable cheek pads ensure a more comfortable fit.
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    I run both an HJC Symax and a Caberg Justisimo
    Both are flip fronts ; a feature I love.
    The Caberg has the flip down sunscreen which comes in very handy.

    I kinda sweat a bit so I rotate them and do wash the liners.
    Some of the less expensive helmets fit great but the liner cant be removed for a wash or will break down.

    I like my local dealer and got the HJC there. If you can wait; get to the nearest cycle show in your area. Its a wider variety and factory reps are on hand to fit them. They have enough on hand to try things like different cheekpads or liners which can make a huge difference. You can also get some good deals on last years stuff. Its fairly easy shopping.


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    I'm gonna move this over to gear so it gets more views.

    Carry on.
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