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Thread: Rukka riding suits

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    Rukka riding suits

    Would those of you using the Rukka suits care to review them here? Thanks.

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    Smile Rukka

    I only know 1 person who has a Rukka suit. They are rare in the US. He loves it. It is similar to the BMW Savanna suit with the removable Gore-Tex liner. It has more airflow through it than the Savanna but less than the AirFlow. Still a good all year suit if you layer underneath it.

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    I have the Rukka AirPower II. Have had it for about 1 1/2 years, and it works great. I believe they have a new AirPower just released that does not have the removable liner which mine has. I think that Adventure Motor Gear has some on sale.

    Cordura AFT - provides great airflow when the liner is removed, although you have to make sure it's IN the airflow. On the RT I'm pretty protected, so I have to stick an arm our, or lean outside of the 'bubble' to get the air flowing. It's doubled up in elbows, shoulders and back, for added abrasion resistance.

    Armor - it's the waffle pattern, thick rubber, CE approved type. Maintains better airflow then the solid rubber and it's pretty substantial. It's all removable and is in the shoulder, elbows and back.

    Liner - mine has the Outlast liner, which is similiar technology to the BMW phase change stuff. I've worn a simple tshirt, Gerbing liner and Outlast liner/jacket combo down to about 20 degrees (F) without a problem. I can't say that I've noticed an amazing retention or reduction of temperature with the Outlast stuff, but is is still there, albeit slight.

    Fit - is great. It's not too boxy, short or bulky. Of course it's all personal taste. I'm 5'11", 200 lbs. and bought a size 58 regular. Fits good with and without the liner. The pockets are positioned well and the adjustable waist straps work fine. The only down side is the velcro adjustments on the wrist. It can attach to the jacket material if not positioned correctly on the opposite piece and will create some 'pulling'. Not a big deal to me though. Oh, it also has one of those crotch strap things on the bottom back of the jacket that should go between your legs and attach to a loop at the front. Never used it though..

    Overall - good value. I bought it on a trip to London, and got the VAT back when I left. I think the total price was $300-350??

    good luck
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    I've got a Rukka rainsuit that I bought at the "National" Rally in
    1985. I do plan on replacing it as soon as it starts to leak.

    Oh, did you mean the "new" stuff?

    See ya' in Charleston,


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    Thumbs up Rukka suit

    Yes thats right,
    We purchased an Air Power suit at the Redmond Rally and am never without it. Even riding in the summer time here in S.W. Florida. I really love it and am more than satisfied with it. The only problem has been the pants for my wife. They don't come in short, meaning she has short legs, so she hasn't been able to wear them. We are trying to work with the company on this but haven't really gotten anywhere.

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    I have the original Airpower and love it. I second all the comments that Brian made.

    Mine is Silver in color so that helps out in the summer sun too.

    I wear this jacket in all seasons and wouldn't want anything else.
    Mine has the quilted Goretex liner...they didn't offer the outlast when I bought mine.

    My only complaint was also with the pants which I returned. Legs were too long.

    If anyone out there has a spare size 56 in the original Airpower and wants to get rid of it, let me know. I should have purchased 2 of them to have a spare.


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