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Thread: R1200RT Rear Drive Failure

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimVonBaden1 View Post
    Check out this thread I did. It makes it pretty simple.

    Also, check out my sigline for a DVD on R1200 maintenance.

    Raining here and another reminder we are still not far from you folks still enduring winter ... actually supposed to freeze west/north of Austin tonight...I know...WAAAAA! All the peach trees in the western Hill Country have fruit on them...completely wiped them out in 2006 ,so hope not again! No fresh peach ice cream come June is not a happy thought!

    ANYWAYS, got the final drive lube done this AM, not as easy as the 1100/1150's , but was done in under a hour and a bump. Check out this Wal-mart find for a funnel...the tip fit snug in the fill hole. It has a on/off feature and I hung it from the case mounts and let it fill...called a Hoppy , made in Kansas . Will be using it on transmission fills now also

    Thanks again for the tips Jim!
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    NOT a failure

    And, after 19K miles I added since June 06 when I bought the bike with 10K and the 600 mile change was documented, the fluid looked used like Jim's photo. It looked fine with no burnt smell ,just the lovely fragrance of used gear oil. You could tell it had Moly in it. My speed sensor had fuzz on it, but no shavings were found. YEAH!
    I added the Moly anyways, since I had some using Paul G's ratio, Since it will be a regular piece of annual maintenance now, I will see what goes!

    and a site to use for conversions for us non- math wiz's and measuring beakers with OZ's only in the shop:
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    Be decisive, right or wrong.The road of life is paved with
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    Going back to the original topic of this thread, I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Salt Lake City, with my wife. My bike is at BMW of SLC awaiting parts from California after it suffered a final drive failure while I was in Wyoming. SLC was closest dealer -- five hour drive away (bike was loaded into pickup (friend's) and off I went. As pointed out in a BMW service bulletine, I experienced significant play in the rear wheel -- it was the splines on the axle tube, and the splines on the rotor flange. They were grinding, and leaving lots of residue, but the real sign was the wiggle in the rear end, which I first thought was my new Pilot Roads (after running Z6s). Fix is to replace the complete final drive assembly, plus the flange and rotor, along with lug nuts etc.

    This has really screwed up my five-week cross-continent ride.

    Check the play in the rear wheel is the message.

    BTW, I have an '06 RT with 38,000 kms (about 22,000 miles), and it's 15 months old. No argument whatsoever abou warranty coverage.
    2015 R 1200 GS Adventure

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    blasphemous thought

    I am the happy (so far) owner of an 1150RT. I think I will keep it until it self destructs or just dies of old age. But unless BMW offers a lifetime warranty on their rear ends I am afraid that my next purchase may be a H1800GW.
    I cannot imagine a motorcycle more fun in the twisties than the RT (I have to admit that I am kind of lusting after a F800ST for one up riding).
    I just can't justify the paranoia associated with the Final Drive failure or dry splines when I next fork over a lot of money for a long range rider.

    like I said, I am happy so far with my 04 RT, but a riding partner with an identical bike has already had the FD replaced and the ABS modulator went out just after warranty and destroyed a front caliper and rotor. BMW did pay for parts $1800+- but he had to foot the labor.

    Imagine that, 32k valve adjustments.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GlobalRider View Post
    You should have read that "other" thread. BMW is going back to putting a drain plug in the rear wheel drive units for 2007. When I saw the R1200 GS at the show when it first came out, I wondered about BMW's reasoning for omitting one.

    BTW, this is Kawasaki's version of the Paralever. Although not employing a single sided swingarm, we'll see if the new Concours has the same problems. Come to think about it, why do I even need a single sided swingarm? For easy rear wheel removal? Like how often to I take the rear wheel off?

    Holy trailing arm Batman! Look at the linkages on the final drive! And a "auto-compress on brake" front end.

    And the engine layout is a marvel of simplicity, plus the added fun of pressurized water cooling.


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    At 615 lbs (dry) and a price of $13,800 with ABS and trip computer, it should do well.
    Frank G.
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    Moved to the Hexhead forum where it belongs..
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    Just sent letter to David Strickland: HSTA

    It appears the NHTSA may not be as efficient as they could be. I've just posted the below comment on their web site. 6/4/2012

    Mr. Strickland,

    I've found a design problem in the way in which NHTSA gather's faulty vehicle information. It appears that filing the complaint by vehicle make, model,year, does not provide an accurate database of "component" failure. This is because a common component can be used in many makes, models, and years of vehicles.
    Example: BMW Motorcycle's "final drive" assemblys.
    ref: ODI - 10460182 or ODI - 10439549
    Both of these are the same component failure but NHSTA would not see them as such because they are from different vehicles, years, and models. These failures I'm told are listed as ball bearing failure, crown or spline, failures, etc. None of which are cross matched in the NHSTA system and therefore NHSTA would not see the pattern of failure.

    Secondly, a NHSTA representative told me that NHSTA notifies the manufactures and then drops the ball. In other words, there is no followup initiated on the part of NHSTA with the manufactures on individual complaints. This leaves it up to the manufacturer to respond, ignore the complaint, or simply trash it. The NHSTA would have no way of knowing if NHSTA does not incorporate a followup process on these complaints.

    Thirdly I am including a post from the internet which describes this particular failure and the lack of resolve on the part of NHSTA with the BMW manufacturer:

    After over 145 individual complaints filed between April 2001 and August
    2011, the NHSTA has finally opened its first official investigation into the
    failure of crown gear bearings on BMW models equipped with the Paralever
    style final drive. NHSTA investigation DP12001 opened 1/20/12 is centered
    on 1999-2005 K1200LTs for now. But, if the findings are what we all believe
    they will be, the scope of the investigation should be expanded. I found
    the only way to get NHSTA to listen and focus was to pepper its director,
    David Strickland, with repeat letters as well as inquiries from WA Senator
    Patty Murray who chairs the subcommittee over funding for the NHSTA. If
    you have had a final drive failure on your Paralever equipped BMW, and have
    NOT already reported it to the NHSTA, I urge you do it now.

    You will need your VIN, (est.) date of failure and mileage. State your
    model as well. While they should be able to identify from VIN, their data
    was wrong 50% of the time. Specify if gear oil leaked.

    or call (888) 327-4236

    or mail to:


    Office of Defects Investigation (NVS-210)
    West Building
    1200 New Jersey Ave SE

    Mr. Strickland, I would certainly appreciate your response that I might include it with my writings to my congressman.

    Thank you,

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