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    I was looking thru (again) RIDE magaizne.
    They had a tester of many years say that if ANYONE could produce a winter jacket as good as the MOTOMOD ASSEN jacket, he'd like to see it...

    I've only found one site on line, in England that even lists this maker...

    Any insight?

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    When visiting my family in England, I invariably wander into motorcycle accessory shops and buy stuff not available here. Four-season gear is well-made for foul weather, but not particularly suited for American hot weather. Last June was typical. I found the perfect tex jacket in Infinity Motorcycles on sale, but vents were not as generous as those in jackets sold stateside.

    If ventilation is important, inquire about this detail before you buy.


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    I'm not looking for a multi season jacket. Just one that will make it thru the winters. This one looked like it would do the trick...? But I have only one article on it...

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