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Thread: R1100R auxillary lights

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    R1100R auxillary lights

    anyone have any suggestions for auxillary lights for my roadster? I like the headlamp fine, but would like more light up front, and in back. Sort of like a wanna be GS

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    Jim Bud
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    motolights in front....and some combination LED running and stop lights int he rear....
    Jim Bud...

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    I have had a set of PIAA 1100s on my '96 roadster for about 8 years now. I run the PIAA 85 watt bulbs, which is what they came with. I have been extremely pleased. They mount to the stems for the front turn signals. I run with them on all the time. I actually ride very little at night, but, when I do, they provide a great deal of light to the sides and further down the road. Except for replacing bulbs, they have been trouble free for more than 60K. I also run a 85/100 H4 headlight bulb through an Eastern Beaver relay. I have the PIAAs aimed low and have never have an on coming driver complain. I would recommend this set up to anyone with a roadster. I have Motolights on my '04 RT. I also run them fulltime. They provide a good daytime signature, but don't do the job the PIAAs do at night. I am running the stock headlight in the RT. Others have raised heat issues if you push the wattage.

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    Motolights are great and easy to deal with if you ever need to.

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    Thumbs up

    Ditto on the motolights. They are cool looking and very effective, both for lighting the way and conspicuity. I have them with caliper mounts on my R1150R. Installed myself in a couple of hours with no trouble; great instructions and support from the company. Pricey, but I got over it and I'm glad I bought them. Truly a case of "you get what you pay for" here.
    Joe DeLuca
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    recently installed Motolites with the optional 50 watt bulb(stock is 35 watt) on my girlfriends roadster
    You can see this baby coming at you now. I have a set on my 1200 RT and both bikes enjoy HyperLites in the rear with the strobe effect then solid lights setup. hers has the 3 mounted on the license frame, mine are on each side of bracket
    Also have the running light option on the roadster with clear lenses and yellow bulbs...a very nice look

    keep em rollin'

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    I put this in the back of mine:
    2000 R1100R
    2003 F650CS

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