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Thread: Airhead Engine Stand

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    Airhead Engine Stand

    I am looking for an engine stand for my 1979 R100/7 engine. I have found a rather simple one from a Norton site but don't know if the mount tubes are distanced appropriately (8 1/2 inches). Any help would be appreciated.

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    I got this from Princess Auto here in Canada.

    Simple measurments to take... only two bolts holding the engine in place.

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    I'd sure like to see some additional cross bracing on that stand, from the engine mounts down to the stand. It sure looks wobbly sitting up so high and the short pitch between the engine mount bolts. The engine/tranny combo is not light and if it got off center, it doesn't look like the attachments to the stand would do much to hold it in place.

    That's just from seeing the may be different in person...

    Kurt in S.A.

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    It was on that stand for 5 months (long winter up here). I rolled it around, even carried it out of my basement on it out to the garage for reassembly.

    Not perfect but it worked.

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    I checked out the Princess Auto web site. Seems that item is no longer carried. The reply I got back from the Norton engine stand people is their stand has an 8" eye to eye spacing and I need 8.5". The search continues or I just might build one.

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