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Thread: Is Corbin's Gunfigher seat for the R75/5 any good?

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    Is Corbin's Gunfigher seat for the R75/5 any good?

    Does anyone have the gunfighter solo seat that Corbin makes for the R75/5? I am thinking about getting one. How are they?

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    Pony up the extra cash and get Meyer or a Russell seat. It will save you in the long run for when you realize that the more expensive seats are a better alternative to Corbin.

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    I'm interested in the answer to that, too. I'm sure there are better seats out there than the Gunfighter, as well as better customer service, but I'm interested in the Gunfighter for my LWB /5 purely from a stylistic standpoint.
    Still conflicted over whether to go with the GF, or a Factory Solo and leave the rear fender exposed. I like the Cafe Racer look of the GF.

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