Over the weekend, the second annual Beemers Under the Redwoods was held at the Mt. Madonna county park between Gilroy and Watsonville, California. Last year's 18 attendees swelled to nearly 30 this time, so I guess a good time was had.

Photo by Lars Swartz

The event is sponsored by the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners (VBMWMO), with the intention that people could get out and ride their old bikes. Mt. Madonna makes a great spot for this, as there are lots of small, entertaining, and lightly travelled roads in the area.

As last year, the campout included dinner (choice of chicken, veggie kabobs or tri-tip) and breakfast (muffins, french toast and sausage).

The weather was not all that beautiful on Saturday. Every time it looked like the sun would finally poke through the murk, the murk came back. But Sunday was beautiful, and the little bit of morning fog dissipated quickly leaving a beautiful blue sky.

I hope you can make it to next year's campout, the second weekend of September.