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Thread: Kuddos for 2 dealers

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    Thumbs up Kuddos for 2 dealers


    I just recently completed a 13,000 trip around the US to obtain a IBA Master traveller Award. I neede my 1200GS serviced on 2 occasions during the trip. The guys in Boise took me in right away and even provided me with space ,bucket and suds so that I could clean up my act before hitting theroad. I was in and out in 1:30 hour. Super service

    The second time was in Tuscon at iron Horse BMW. The guys were like a familly. They took me in without an appointment, showrd me the way to some cosy hotel and had my bike serviced the next day in 3 hours.

    Both dealers were very accomodating and super professional.

    Thanks guys, you made my journey that much easier


    Denis R1200GS

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    That is great to hear Denis.

    You remind me that I need to publically praise Open Road BMW in Newmarket Ontario and Northstar Recreation in Sudbury Ontario. My tranny went out in Sudbury on the way to the rally in Vermont. Sudbury had just been pounded by a huge storm, wrecking boats and cars and knocking down hundreds power poles - there was a huge run on generators and those who did have one needed them fixed. Northstar was swamped with work. They fix bikes and boats and anything with a combustion engine. They claimed that getting parts and gettting to a point where they could work on my bike would take a week. Despite being swamped with work, Barry at Northstar spent hours that day finding a van for me to rent and helping me get my bike into the van and getting me on my way to the nearest dealer, Open Road in Newmarket - 350 k to the south.

    Northstar would not accept any payment or tip or anything of the kind.

    My treatment at Open Road was unlike anything all the BMW dealer horror stories had prepared me for.

    As soon as I stepped in the door and reported that I was a stranded traveler I was surrounded by staff who were giving me coffee offering food, finding lodging and drawing all kinds of notes on the maps they were printing for me. It was amazing. Unfortunately the Airhead specialist was already AT THE RALLY I WAS MISSING, but a long weekend in Toronto is never a bad thing. I was really totally impressed and stunned by the great service, total freindliness and sincere concern for my well being during my stay.

    I had already come to realize that Canadians are very nice people, but the folks at Open Road were just over the top.

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