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Thread: 1200RT Radio/CD/CB/intercom

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    1200RT Radio/CD/CB/intercom

    I would like to install the BMW CB/Intercom on on 05r12rt. anyone have any experience with doing the install and in the operation? The BMW Radio/CD was installed when I bought the bike. But, I don't know what the existing Radio/CD will do i.e a switch on the existing radio toggles to an "Aux" which indicates to me I can hook up an accessory to the Radio/CD but there is no visible wire to do so. How does the CB/Intercom unit perform? I am going to use the existing Radio/CD antenna for the CB. Want to get an idea about how good the unit is before I part with the green stuff.
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    I would recommend going to J&M website and downloading the users manual. They are the manufactures of the BMW radio. I recently put a J&M on my RT and really like it. There is a 3 mm cable that can be plugged into an iPod or Sat Radio. It's part of the cable harness coming off the radio itself. If the radio was already installed, it's possible the previous owner has it tied up somewhere or routed to the side compartment.

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    Thanks - I will check out the J&M web site. I did order the BMW CB/intercom today

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    thanks I checked out the sporttouring forum - great resource

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