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Thread: First-Aid Kits

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    I went with the Aerostich one. I have used it a few times, mainly for small stuff like a burn... seems to work well. Plus it comes with duct tape.

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    I have not carried on on my bke. Made me realize how dumb that is tonight looking at another thread.

    I have a good expedition kit I built, but too big to carry. I have a back packer mini kit, along with elastic stretch wrap around "bandage", an army field surgery kit $14 surplus, and a packet of "blot clotting" powder as I take blood thinners.

    It is going on my bike or I will assemble another. Just dumb not to carry one.

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    I like to support "fellow riders" and I just received this kit from "JKam", one of the "light and fast" series... great packaging with everything one would need... The enclosed book alone "A Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine" by Eric A. Weiss, MD is worth its price... with over 60 illustrations and 50 improvised techniques... My thought is that it should be a "standard" item with every bike purchase!!! Think of how many lives it would save... and without much noise...
    NO... I do not work for Jay!!!... I just think it is a great product!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tgf429
    How many people carry a first-aid kit on their bikes.
    When touring in Europe, all the time as it is LAW. On this side of the pond, I only carry one when on multi day trips...although that logic doesn't really make sense.

    Quote Originally Posted by tgf429
    Is it better to buy one or make one up yourself?
    Probably has already been mentioned...

    Start off by buying one with numerous compartments. I usually toss the contents (use them at home) and pack it with high quality items. Items such as: 3M tape that leaves no residue, high quality band aids that leave no residue, 2" x 2" gauze pads, Polysporin ointment, etc.

    I also pack pills in numerous small 1" x 2" zip-lock bags: headache/pain, colds/stuffy nose, Imodium, Gravol, sore throat, muscle relaxants. I also carry nasal spray.

    And remember...First Aid kit contents have to be checked and replaced regularly.

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