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Thread: Tank bag for airhead?

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    Tank bag for airhead?

    Is there such a thing?

    R75/6 with "normal" size tank.

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    Airhead tankbags

    Lots of choices available. The /6 tank top is both flat and big. Many different bags will fit without interfering with the range of handlebar motion. Prices range from inexpensive to stupid expensive. Sizes range from purse size to condo size. What are you looking to carry in the tank bag?

    I have had good experience with my Eclipse bags over the years. A standard Eclipse, a expandable Sportpack model Eclipse, and when I really need to haul the goods, a 40 liter Harro Elephantboy bag which expands to small tent size.

    Go to the MOA open house at the end of the month and check out the different bags on people's bikes. Ask lots of questions, introduce yourself to other members and take advantage of their experience and mistakes. That's a big part of belonging to the MOA family.

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    Airhead tankbag

    My vote would be for the Eclipse bags for your Airhead tank. I used them on mine: a R75/5 LWB. Old ones used velcro attachments and the newer ones used Fastex fasteners. The fasteners were a lot more reliable than the velcro!
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    For the last year I've been using a Coretech bag designed for sport bikes. It's a mag mount with safety eyelets on the front and back. I use it with the front to the rear and rear to the front, it just rides better on the tank and gas cap. The only issue I've had is right after I wax the tank, then the bag wants to slide a little. It fits my tank just right. It came with a shoulder strap and rain cover.
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    Thumbs up Airhead Tankbag

    I still have my Harro No.414 which works well with either the large or small tanks, but works better with the large. It looks the peiod. My current favorite that I've been using for 10+ years is the RKA 23 liter expandable, 3-point mount. I like the expandable feature and the map holder is detachable. I switch this between my airhead R75 and my R1100RT.

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