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Thread: bringing a K-100 on line

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    bringing a K-100 on line

    The windshield on my k-100 LT has a plastic coating on both sides. How can I remove it and restore the windshield to clarity?

    The bike has 23K miles and has always been kept clean and dry. I am bringing it and myself back on the road.

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    This might not work, but I washed a windshield in hot soapy water once and all of the anti-scratch coating came right off. It had started to flake and I just wanted to clean it up, and for whatever reason the soapy water lifted the rest of the coating. It looked great afterwards. I had the windshield off the bike and soaking in some sort of tub.
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    I found masking tape - firmly applied and then ripped off (think hot-waxing..) seems to remove the coating on K100 shields.
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