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Thread: New windshield

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    New windshield

    [B][COLOR=Cyan]I'm looking to get a new wind screen. I have a 05 1200LT with the shorter stock shield on it now. I ride all year and thought a larger one may be nice for the winter months. It gets kind of cold here in MI. Plus riding two up, the shorter one dosen't deflect too much from my girl on the back. I'm about 5'8" tall. Any ideas?

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    Try: Cee Baileys
    Airflow or

    My guess is unless you bought each one of these to perform extensive testing and switch them out to compare, it's hard to tell which one is best. I'm sure they all do a good job and each person who has bought one of the above will tell you they've had good luck. I own a Cee Baileys and am happy with it, but again, unless you've tried different ones, it might be hard to say. Each company competes for share of market, so they all have to be pretty good.

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    Unhappy Ws

    I have a Cee Baileys WS on my 05 LT and it is fine. I am 5.8". The model is #2 with Wings Windshield- Clear-1in. Look on their web site. This shield provides great wind coverage and with the electric WS on our LT, you can adjust accordingly.

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    Smile Thanks guys

    I got the stock #2 from Cee Baily. I like it. It's a little too tall for me. Even all the way down on my LT, I have to use a girraff neck to see over the top. My girl, riding two up loves it. What ya going to do. I try it out for the winter. Thanks again.

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