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Thread: exhausted r1100s

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    exhausted r1100s

    i am looking for a good sounding exhaust system for my r oiler .any c sugestions?

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    good sound

    The staintune on my 2001 is good and throaty. Almost to much sound. ~Paul

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    heard 'em all...and

    had the staintunes on the 02 and now the laser race system on the 04, friend and father both have the vanderlinde on an 02 and 04. heard the ztechnik and the two brothers is a poor qaulity piece of crap and the loudest of them all. the others all have similar sound under load, at idle and just off idle is where they vary a little bit. the laser and the staintunes have a removable baffle that can be bolted in if you want to reduce the db a little, but that also changes the performance characterisitics. which ever you go with, get a chip accordingly.

    also check here for extensive threads abotu everything else...


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