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Thread: Video- The Yellowjacket Chronicles

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    Video- The Yellowjacket Chronicles

    12,000 miles in 24 days
    Key West, Florida to Deadhorse, Alaska and back solo
    on a R1150R "Yellowjacket"

    see the video
    The Yellowjacket Chronciles - Test footage 9/2006

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    What a way to start my day!
    What a first post!
    I can not wait for the December release of your Yellow Jacket Chronilces! I have a ton of questions as will others but I have not had coffee yet.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

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    What a great trip and video.. I enjoyed every second of your test. Can't wait to see the rest of it.. Any Plans for TV? Cause its that good!!!

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    Dude !! Very cool ! How'd you produce that? The camera shots are from different positions including some that appear from another vehicle. Did you travel with other riders? Thanks for sharing that.

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    Epic. Beyond cool. What a great production. You'll have a lot of people wanting to watch this well-produced drama. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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    details? camera used, mountings, and video editing software? did a crew accompany this fellow?

    the trailer had me cracking up.

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    Tooooooo Cooooooool!!!!!

    That was great. I cant wait. Ditto on camera, mounts, techniques, etc.

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    Well thanks for the suport.

    I film solo, meaning there is no crew and filming is done entirely by me. To accomplish this I use a series of cameras on the bike. Different cameras for differnet purposes.
    I priamrily use a sony dvx-2100 for good quality color shots and interviews/
    I use a smaller sony dvcrtc-22 for quick shots and on the bike out-the-front and back shots.

    I have a special camera rig, I designed, which is essentially an articulated arm with a camera on it. It extends from 22-80" off the bike in any direction depending how its set up. This allows the appearence of a chase vehicle.
    I call it the Magic Broomstick.

    Production is also a solo afair

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    That was fantastic!

    I'm going to have watch that several more times...

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    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    I quite liked your test video. With clever editing I think that you will have a very nice video that could be sold.

    A while back there was a thread with the topic of "making motorcycle videos".

    This prior thread mostly concerned use of helmet or bike mounted cameras and discussions of various recorders. (And I had some examples on how not to do some things! :-) Some nice examples were shown - I really like sfarson's Visit Colorado on a GS [my title] videos.

    I thought that the yellowjacket test video was interesting with the self interview/narration and the off-bike footage. These techniques are a nice departure from just showing an on-bike forward view. I would really like to see some pix of the physical set-up that you use (i.e., your "broomstick").

    Obviously you have a good deal of patience. I say this because you must have on at least one instance dropped your bike, taken the time to get out the camera, set it up and begin filming while you lifted the bike. I don't know that I would have thought of that.

    One of the downsides of placing videos on the 'net is that there is usually a significant loss of resolution (particularly with the free hosting sites, e.g. Google Video, YouTube, PutFile, etc.) If your video is distributed on a DVD then the resolution can be as high as captured by the camera. Sfarson has his own server and his videos retain very good resolution.

    I await the further yellowjacket episodes or the full product (a few hour long video is ok with me as the winters are long and cold :-)

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    Of course eveyone would like to see the broomstick, but all I can offer is this

    Magic Broomstick - Movie

    other videos from along the learning curve

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    Joe, I love it!!! You are definitely onto something - this revolutionizes what a rider, a bike and a camera can do.

    Got patent?
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    So if that is the test, I can't wait for the real version

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Loved it!!!

    I especially liked seeing the yellowjacket. I miss mine.


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