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Thread: How waterproof is Roady XT?

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    How waterproof is Roady XT?

    or the Roady 2 for that matter.

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    I would not push it as these were not designed as all weather radios.

    I have used my Roady2 in the rain, but I wrap a sandwich baggie around it with a twist tie cause I'm cheap.

    There are places to pick up rain covers for the Roadys. sells one.

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    any waterproof units out there?

    I am tired of Sirius and just cancelled. Going to try XM

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    I just have a rain bonnet from Cycle Gadgets on my XM SkyFi2 no problems.

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    I keep mine wrapped in Saran wrap at all times on the bike and so far after numerous thunderstorms my Roady2 has yet to quit working. I used to just put a ziploc bag over it and zip it below the mount, but found that the wind would chaff the plastic. The Saran wrap is mostly invisible and so the appearance is that there is nothing over it, and the controls still function perfectly with the gloves on and the display is perfectly visible.

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    None of the sat radio's are waterproof, but if it gets soaked just let it dry out and you should be ok. Remember that shorts only can occur if the unit is wet and plugged in (not only turned on). So far my skyfi 2 is doing well after nearly 2 years on the bike.

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    Hosed Roady

    My Roady (1) got soaked when I ran into a small but intense rainstorm in the desert north of Salt Lake City en route to the rally in Spokane. The buttons quit working and I feared the worse.
    But once I got out of the rain and back into the hot, dry desert air, it dried out in about a half-hour and all functions returned to normal.
    I don't recommend soaking your XM radio, but the can apparently take a bit of moisture.
    Since then, I've bought a rain cover from that works splendidly in the heaviest downpour.

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    My roady 2 got soaked, and stopped working. I sent it in and got a replacement under warrenty.

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    BMR Products makes some cool visors that can help shield your gadgets from rian. Their visors are made specifially for a given model so they fit and look great.
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