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    R1200rt Seats

    SEATS Help? Rather than say anything 'bad' about the stock BMW R1200rt seat, I will just say I am looking for a new seat. Any first hand or should I say first butt experience with Russell, Bill Mayer, Rick Mayer, etc? Before on my R1150rt I had a sargent. However I want to try something different and also the new sargent seat (heated) will not let you utilize the bmw seat controls. That means another thing attached to my bars.

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    I had a Rick Mayer seat on my R1100RT and loved it. I got one for my R1200RT and thought it was pretty mediocre. I've sent it back to Rick for adjustment, and I'm hoping... I'll let you know.

    One item, though. Rick is three for three with me in terms of promising delivery much earlier than eventually happens. On my R1100RT, I ordered in September, was promised November, then December, delivery. I ultimately got the seat late in February.

    For the R1200RT, I ordered in January, was promised delivery in March, then April and received it in May. I returned it after 6000 miles; was promised delivery by the end of August and it's scheduled to arrive September 11.

    If my reworked seat is as good as the R1100RT seat (Rick cautions that it may not--he doesn't like the R1200RT seat pan), it'll have been worth waiting for. I sure wish Rick would be more straightforward about delivery dates, though. It's a real irritant.

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    Got a Rocky Mayer on mine and love it.

    I was able to ride in and wait while he did it. I'm quite pleased. He was able to retain the heating function.
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    BMW makes wonderful motorcycles. However, except for the K1200LT, its stock seats are not comfortable and haven't been for a long time. I have replaced the stock seats on every BMW motorcycle I have owned starting with a new 1976 R90/6. Every one.

    I have tried lots of different aftermarket saddles. My current favorites are those by Rick Mayer. Here they are on my R1200RT (left) and my R1150RT (right). Click on a photo to go to Rick's website.

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    Talking seat

    I just had a Rick Mayer done in leather. Took my first trip, 1800 miles in three days and couldn't be happier. It makes riding the best bike better. As a side to this, I just installed my C Bailey windscreen and now I think it is the perfect ride for me. Between these two fixes, it makes the ride that much more fun.

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