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Thread: Mirrors for an R1150RT

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    Mirrors for an R1150RT

    I'd like to add mirrors to my '04 RT. So far I've had recommendations for 1100GS mirrors and 1200GT mirrors. Anyone care to make comments or recommendations. Any information is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I added GS mirrors to my 1100rt and I love them. I believe the ones I put on my 12rt were from an S.

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    Any pictures of the transplanted GS mirrors on an RT? Do they fit into the fairing without looking sad? I find my right-side mirrirs on my 2001 RT are just about useless because the brake cylinder obscures the view.

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    There are two popular add ons for the mirrors on the RT. The GS route is easy since they bolt on in seconds, though they still look somewhat like Mickey Mouse ears on a RT. The other are the mirrors from the K1200RS. These are a little more substantial with the arms being aerodynamic and stronger for high speed plus the mirrors are more rectangular.

    There is one extra step to mounting the RS mirrors in that the base of the left RS mirror has to have a notch cut out to allow your idle lever to still travel up for fast idle. A dremel tool will notch it out in seconds.

    These mirrors help if you have your RT loaded with extra bags that stick out blocking your view. Both styles will still vibrate giving you a slightly blurry image while your stock mirrors are quite stable showing a clear image. The other thing you can do is turn your add on mirrors out more and they act like your side mirrors on your car to help cover your blind spots. Still never a substitute for a head check before changing lanes, but they help.

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