The weather is starting to cool. In the high country, the Gerbing plug is kept close at hand. The morning sun peeks through the window a wee bit later each day.

Soooo , my HT Overpants have seen better days and probably should be replaced this season. What I'm thinking is, why can't I find a SELECTION of 1 piece riding suits??? A Roadcrafter is not a "selection." I know many people here are dearly attached to their Roadcrafters but another large group has often said they leak in your lap. Many have also said the Roadcrafter is a commuter suit and was never designed for day after day foul weather riding. Ron Ayres mentioned in his book that First Gear (or Inter..whatever Corp.) gave/sold him a 1 piece all weather armored riding suit. I have never seen one by them offered.

Can anyone here give me a lead on an all weather, armored, removable liner, Goretex (or equalivent) ONE PIECE riding suit ???? Seems to me that it would be easier to peel on and off than any 2 piece set up. After all, that's one of the most sited examples of the benefit of the Roadcrafter. If I sound anti-Roadcrafter, I'm really not. I just think I've heard most of the pros and cons of the product but have heard almost nothing about any other choices. Are there any other choices??