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Thread: scratches on top case

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    scratches on top case

    Does anyone know how to repair scratches from a top case or side bag? Is there a paint or paste you can use?

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    believe it or not, WD 40 did a great job turning my sun bleached luggage racks from off white to pretty black..........i've heard it works for minor scuffing on cases as well.

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    I dropped my left system case early on when my bike was new since I didn't have it attached properly so it's got some scratches for sure. I was told to buy a hot air glue gun used in the craft and hobby world and try heating it while buffing it out. I did that though I can't say I had much luck. Maybe I wasn't doing it right, but you can get just short of melting your case with one of those. I'd love to hear a solution.

    You can always order a new lid for these at the BMW parts counter for about the same price as a Ducati.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayojuaf
    Does anyone know how to repair scratches from a top case or side bag? Is there a paint or paste you can use?
    There are more scratched to come...they are like wrinkles, you earned them, wear them with pride!
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    If the scratches go to the raw plastic then there is not much one can do other than touch up or paint. The hot air gun is an attempt to try and soften/reflow the paint and stretch it into the scratches while in that state...not very effective with 2 component paints but works great with the old lacquers.

    So if painting/touch-up is not what you have in the cards, then maybe consider a trip to Auto Zone or alike and get one of those polishes that contain colour and apply that. It contains enough pigment that it will disguise the scratch cosmetically and at least retard moisture from seeping under the paint film either side of the scratches. The WD40 works well as it applies sillicone and light oil, not the best for paint but neither was scratching

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    I just finished painting my son's cases with Krylon satin black for plastic. They look great. I sanded out some of the deep scratches but couldn't get all of them out. I post some pictures when I get home tonight. So far, he's happy with the results.

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    I went the expensive route ($200). My local auto painter matched the Piedmont red of the 1150RT and painted both saddlebg lids. Now it looks almost like a 1200RT. I didn't do the top box because I only use it on trips with my wife.

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    When I dropped my ST, it scuffed the right case. I buffed it out with steel wool starting with course working to super fine. Took out most of the scratches and then I used "back to Black on both bags. Looks OK.
    I use my bike everyday so scratches on the bags are going to happen, so I don't let it bother me too much. My bike has been ridden in the rain many times in the last month and I have not washed it yet. I'll wash it after the rainy season.


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    See the threat in this forum, oilheads, titled "how to remove house paint" Same principle...
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    Scratches on top case

    my wife, (she is into furniture restauration) used wet sand paper 240 and then black magic (any car store) and she did wonders. she was awarded a bottle of red argentine wine for dinner.

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    I used black shoe polish....

    Then I just decided to cover the whole thing with black reflective applique.

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