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Thread: Considering a K

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    Hey all you R1100R / R1150R guys and gals there is a pretty good web site for us naked types. But you probably already know that. But just in case here it is . SCOTT

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    K Bikes

    Been touring with an 81 R100RT this season in the rocky mountain west. It's a wonderful old bike and has taken me and the wife all over. Riding 2 up on that machine does have some power drawbacks in this environment. So the time has come, and I couldnt wait. Getting a late model K1200LTC, but keeping the R100 for solo riding. I think its the best of both worlds, especially after riding some Harleys and Wingers. OK, so I'm not mechanical enough to do my own maintenance. I dont mind supporting my local BMW dealer as I dont donate to any other charities.


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    GT is AWESOME!!!

    I was in the market for an R1150RT about a month ago. I test rode it and the GT... I wish I never did, because now I own the GT!!! It's the most AWESOME BIKE I EVER RODE!!!

    Happy New Year!

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    In 37 years of motorcycle riding i've owned a few bmw' recollect some: R60/2,R90s,R100rs,R1100RT/P,K100rs,K1200rs.
    My 85 k100rs has it's place next to my 2001 k1200rs and will always have that spot in my garage.(not for sale)
    I enjoy the ride and the power of that 1200 no question about it but if I ever had to choose the 1200 would go.Ask your dealer ones if they ever had to go inside a crankcase on a k100.I've seen close to 300 000 miles on them without any major work done other then normal wear,clutch etc.It's to be seen over the years if the sporty k1200 can earn that reputation.

    2001 k1200rs
    1998 r1100rt/p
    1985 k100rs

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    Have to weigh in on this one. I have a'91K100RS which I bought at the end of the '00 season. My R80 has sat pretty much ever since. I enjoy the flexibility of the power which this bike has, no matter what gear its in. True, it feels top heavy at times, but you adjust to it after a while. The only issues I have with the bike are ABS (first generation) failures, they're touchy. Next would be wind on a long trip. Am going to try the Laminar Lip for that. My step-dad had a '91 LT which I rode, better wind protection but a lot warmer in hot weather. Only mod I've done so far is install bar backs, a little more upright. To me the styling looks great. And as stated maint. isn't a big issue. I think if the abs gets sorted out it'll stay with me a long time. IF I were to sell it, I know I'd get what I paid. Only 21,000 on the clock so it will last a LONG TIME.

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    Thumbs up BMWs

    The great thing about Beemers is that there is so many different kinds. I have seen some great deals in the flea market on K100s, K1100s and most any other model BMW that would make someone a great ride. Have fun!
    Me Fish

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    Thumbs up K100

    I got my K 100 RS (1987) model last year, with 28K miles on it. I've put 7K on it already. I really like it,and it has all the power you'd want. I often cruise at 100 or better,and it seems to want to go faster. I've added a Rick Mayer seat which I suggest doing to these bikes. Rugged,easy to work on,reliable,fun. I saw one of these K 100's at the Rocket rally last year,it had been riden over 300,000 miles! Go for a K bike friend,you'll love it!

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    K is cool

    The mechanical part of these old bikes are great. I just sold my K100LT. I really wished that I had not.

    I think that one needs to remember that when getting an older bike. You need to think about thinks like. Can I get the tires that I want. Are the Shocks any good. Do the front forks leak. Cables seals, shocks and seats do age. I can't think of a better buy for the money than an older K bike. Buy one and you will enjoy it.

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    THE Beemer Bill

    Favorite Ks

    I have a K1100RS SE, 1996, black and silver. It is as close to perfect as I have gotten. I had an 86 K75s that was equally impressive, but didn't have the nuts of the K11. All I had to do was throw some K100 bars on it so my hands wouldn't go numb. BTW...bought the K75 for $3k, sold it for $3200...nothing but wax put into it.

    Enjoy your K.

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