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Thread: Hawks Products brackets??? Anyone?????

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    Talking Hawks Products brackets??? Anyone?????

    Does anyone have the Hawks Products highway peg brackets? If so, would you recommend them? After a recent 13-hr interstate ride without stopping (except for fuel) I vowed to add mirrors and some sort of highway peg to the RT. I have an extra set of passenger pegs, so I'm thinking the Hawks brackets might be a good choice to give the ol' aching knees an occasional change of position. Any opinions?

    BTW, thanks for the responses to my mirrors question below.

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    Go for it!

    They are good products and Jim is a good guy. I enjoy being able to reach my feet out there. When I put on Engine guards had to go to a diff. set up.

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    I have them on my 05 RT. You can mount them above or below the cylinder head. I've tried both ways and now have them below. You end up with them in one fixed position which may or may not suit you. My calves kinda dig into the sharp edge of the fairing. My dealer recommends against them due to the additional stress they may put on the valve cover bolts which are aluminum. I just try not to put a lot of pressure on them and Hawk recommends that you never stand on them. Touratech is now making crash bars for the RT's kinda like the one's for the GS. I'm thinking of getting them for the bike and then you could mount pegs in a number of positions like you would on a cruiser. Plus no worries about the valve cover bolts.

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