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Thread: Ricky Bars ala R1150R

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    Wow, those bars are way to cool! I already had risers put on my 1150 so now I'm in a more comfortable riding position, one that looks like Tina's "before" picture. I'm still interested in in knowing about how much one would need to plan on spending to have these custom bars? Where are you located? Please send more info....................Tina, congrats on your R1150R! Your gonna love it!

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    Hey Julie,

    Ricky's on the board here (Ricardo Kuhn) and his site is here.

    If I know Ricky, he's going to want to see a picture of you sitting on your bike before he sends you the bars and mounts. He's seen Tina riding around before, so he said "Here. Take these home and put them on."

    Of course, he got it absolutely right......

    I think he's offering a discount through the end of the year as well.

    Discount information
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