Some of you may be familiar with Ricardo Kuhn's Pro Taper or Renthal bar conversion kits for R11/1150GSs.

He's recently introduced a version for Roadsters and Rocksters. Tina's bike didn't fit her too well, as it was kind of a reach to the bars for her. Ricky's bars seemed like the way to go, so we stuck a pair on her bike.

Here's the before picture.

It's kind of a reach...

Here's the after picture.

Compare the stock setup here:

With the Renthal and Ricky setup:

The holes on the top are for a GPS mount and some other accessories he's working on.

Industrial strength and very pretty to look at. Bars are available in silver, gray, black and gold. I think the black works with the black bike pretty well.

So, how does it work?

The clamps are beautifully made and the ability to fit different bars is an awesome opportunity.

I rode Tina's bike yesterday (she was working on a paper for school) and the bars put me into a position that was much more natural. The bars felt more connected to the front end of the bike and seemed to vibrate somewhat less. Mirrors were slightly blurred at some rpm range, but not so badly that I couldn't see what was behind me.

I'm the kind of guy that thinks I don't necessarily need a bigger hammer, I just need a hammer that fits my hand better. Ricky bars allowed us to fit the bike to Tina. She'll take it for a ride next weekend and she can offer up her own impressions. Looking at her on the bike, though, it looks like she'll finally have a motorcycle that fits her. .

I give Ricky Bars: out of 5 possible.