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Thread: R1150RT Usable Fuel Capacity

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    R1150RT Usable Fuel Capacity

    I'd be interested in hearing the most fuel anyone has put in an R1150RT stopping at the bottom of the filler tube.
    Frank G.
    Hattiesburg, Mississippi
    2004 R1150RT

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    Is it the same tank at the 1100RT? I put 7.142 gallons into my R1100RT one time......rode 70 miles with the low fuel light on.
    Jon Diaz
    BMW K75/K12GT
    BMWMOA Ambassador

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    Fuel on an r1150rt

    Last trip, the fuel light came on at about 255 miles. Ended up putting in about 5.6 gallons, so I am figuring about 1 gallon left in the tank based on the books. Will put it to the test on Friday. Traveling 2 up from Central KY to Montgomery, Al.

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