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Thread: Ignition wire cracks?

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    Ignition wire cracks?

    So I've got some cracking on the wires. But it's only the outer plastic, the soft stuff, not that hard inner liner that covers the actual wires. I'm going to replace them, but this means that I've got some time, correct?

    Thanks board!


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    Slight Miss

    I have 65k on my 02 Gs and can't seem to find the low rpm miss. Not actually bad enough to call a surge.
    I have adjusted the valves, and now will change one plug , ride, change the other plug, ride, and then remove the air filter and ride. each time checking to see if I have removed the miss.
    Any other suggestions? Would anyone know if the plug wires could fault at this age?
    I can't determine any miss or slugishness at highway speed just 30, 35 mph.
    Thanks for any trouble shooting tips.

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